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All about Helen's Hounds...



For the last 28 years I have lived with and trained many dogs, some adopted, some fostered for rescue centres and the RSCPA.  Also looking after others for friends and family when they are on holidays or have suddenly required somebody to dog sit.  Each and every one, having different levels of training, from those that would turn on a sixpence on recall, to those who knew not one single command and everything inbetween.

I then went on to formalise my knowledge and skills base by training through IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training ) and passed their accediation with a distinction ... take a look at their website!  I knew how to train dogs,  but didnt know why these methods worked.  Now I do!

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I am also recognised as an accredited trainer with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers,  an approved trainer with the Dog Training College and am able to proudly show I am able to present the logo of the UK Dog Charter.

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This then lead on to me becoming a Registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council.

Where I am experienced in rescue dogs, I am in the unique position I am able to run courses for owners of rescue dogs, even before the dog is picked up if required, as to what you can expect, how to settle your dog, bonding techniques etc.  I will also be doing 1 - 2 - 1 session for puppies and foundation training as well as classes.  1 - 2 -1's  are on offer for particular training needs, like heel work, stopping jumping up and leave.  For further information please see the Price List page which gives details of each course and price.

All training is founded on the belief that all dogs and their owners are individuals and on this basis I offer a variety of classes that focus on pet communication, socialization and science based behavioural theory.   No matter which service you book with me, whether it is for basic manners, learning to give commands or effectively communicating with your pet, my methods of training are full of fun techniques to allow for a happier life together.


My aim is to provide solutions to the behaviours that pet owners come across in every day situations.  You will learn through the training methods, kind approachable and humane principles and I am here to alleviate all of that unwanted owner stress.

Please note:  I am not able to advise on dietary/health or behaviour issues for example, separation anxiety, food/fear aggression.  For these either contact a qualified vet or behaviourist.

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